Advancement of 'mobile-cloud' information paradigm empowering global society

Cellphone (2000-08)

 Incubation of one of the first Location-based Intelligent coupons on a mobile device (unwiredM).  Demoed to General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner at Detroit Tech Fair  Introduced first commercial games service in UK (Mobile Services Cafe) - later led to an acquisition of 4thPass. Introduced award-winning cell-phone based GPS voice navigation & traffic guidance in rental car market in US (AVIS Assist) Kid tracker Incubation funded by Padmashree Warrior (CTO of Motorola) and later demoed to Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak Introduction of award-winning RAZR - Maxx V6, first 3.5 G mobile device with touch sensitive music controls.
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 Apps for Oxford, Britannica and Pearson (Penguin)
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  Cloud (2008-16)

Contributed to incubation of lean-back computing using Cloud Contributed to introduction of Azure IaaS with Linux support as part of Hybrid IT Contributed to introduction of  Application Insights in Visual Studio Online.  Led incubation of Grid Hadoop Service (mentored by leading authorities on parallel computing) Contributed to introduction of Azure Machine Learning Service & acquisition of Revolution Analytics - R for SQL Server & Azure ML 
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R acquisiton
Cloud AI Incubations
 HEALTHCARE(eyesurgery outcomes)       AGRICULTURE (sowing crops)           EDUCATION(school drop outs)

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